Come see us!

Located at 114 Church Street

in the heart of

Downtown Lexington, KY!


We are a full-service Coffee Shop

all day and Lexington's only

Coffee Bar*! Offering specialty coffee & tea

cocktails starting at NOON everyday.


*21+ only during bar hours (including patio), no exceptions

Please remember: if you are a parent/guardian and you bring in an

underage child during bar hours, the child will not be permitted to stay.

Once we bring out all liquor, we turn into a "cocktail bar".

Please don't take it out on our baristas,

these are the rules the state of KY has given us.


Full-service, high quality coffee drinks and coffee & tea cocktails everyday.

See whats going on at our shop.

Who we are and how

Lussi Brown began.

Come visit us or drop us a line.

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