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Lussi Brown (pronounced "Lucy" Brown) is the combination of the founder's last names; Olivia Lussi and Sarah Brown. They decided to take their obsession with great coffee and delicious cocktails to a new level.

Through a successful Kickstarter campaign, many meetings, pop-ups, a handful of almost-locations, and lots of red tape; Lussi Brown Coffee Bar successfully opened their doors in downtown Lexington in June 2017.


The staff of Lussi Brown consists of some of the highest-trained baristas around. Coffee is a craft. Bartending is a craft. Lussi Brown has the experience, knowledge, creativity, and passion to bring these together and add a new flavor to Lexington's coffee community.


The skull and crossbones are an offshoot of the saying "Pick Your Poison". In the mid-19th century, poison was a slang for alcoholic drinks. Lussi Brown is the first and only coffee bar in Lexington offering coffee & tea cocktails. Since coffee is an upper and alcohol is a downer, you usually have to pick one or the other (your poison). We're simply saying you don't have to choose between the two, balance your life out and we'll serve them together! #PickYourPoison

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